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The Selling Process

1. Prepare Your Property

This is one of the most important steps for maximizing your gains on the sale of your home. As you prepare, you will want to make sure you are making the right investments that add value to your home and avoid projects that require time and money but add little value. Your Florence Realty Co. broker will consult with you in advance to ensure you make the best choices that add the most value.

2. Set Your List Price

Setting your list price is critical to the success of your listing. Even in a hot market overpricing a home can cause it to sit stagnant while underpricing a home may leave money on the table. Your Florence Realty Co. broker will use their expertise and extensive knowledge of your neighborhood, seasonal conditions, and current market statistics to provide you a value range in which your home will likely sell. From there, you will select your list price based on your priorities.

3. Market Your Listing

This is where Florence Realty Co. really shines. We take pride and invest heavily in our marketing to insure that you have the best tools available. In addition to all of all our print marketing options, all of our listings feature the highest quality professional photos and virtual tours, knowing that in today’s internet-driven market, your future buyer’s “first” showing is when they browse through your home’s photos online. Additionally, your listing will receive maximum internet exposure through the Denver Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Zillow, Trulia,, social media, etc.

4. Show Your Home

Following the successful completion of steps one through three, buyers will start scheduling showings to view your property. Your broker will utilize a professional showing service to make it as easy as possible for buyer’s agents to schedule showings. Your main responsibility will be to ensure that your home is clean, free of clutter, and available to show. Your Florence Realty Co. broker will follow up with all showings in order to receive

5. Negotiate Offer(s)

Negotiating offers is where you will want to lean on the skill of your Florence Realty Co. broker the most. With a well-priced listing, industry leading marketing, and a home that shows well, it is just a matter of time before you receive your first offer. Your broker will review the offer with you and advise you on the benefits and risks of the terms. From there, the choice will be yours to accept, reject, or consult with your broker on the price and terms for a counter.

6. Negotiate Buyer Objections

Once an offer or counter has been accepted, you are officially under contract! The purchase contract provided by the Colorado Real Estate Commission is highly favorable to buyers and they will have the opportunity to object under many different contingencies. Working with a skilled negotiator is critical to ensure you don’t give more than is necessary on any request the buyer might make.

7. Close!

Ah, the easy part! All the hard work has been done to get to this day and your Florence Realty Co. broker will walk with you through the final details to ensure that closing occurs smoothly and on time. Closing generally takes about an hour and you can choose to have your proceeds either in the form of a cashier’s check or wire. Time to celebrate!

Free Sellers Guide

For more information and details on the selling process, click here to download our free Seller’s Guide.

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